Trauma Comes Back As Reactions Not Memories

We have all experienced trauma. Things have happened, words have been said, needs have not been met. Although we may not remember what has traumatised us, the event itself whilst significant in current lives and how it affects us mentally, may have not felt significant at the time. Trauma comes back as reactions not memories. Whenever we are triggered, whenever we have a reaction to something we are experiencing an unhealed mental wound. In our lives we experience the world though our own filter, a filter of our pasts, our upbringing and our education and learning. That filter affects how we see, feel and experience everything that then happens. When this filter triggers us, as uncomfortable as it is we can look to it as an opportunity. Our triggers can be our teachers if we are willing to do the work and learn more about ourselves, accept our experiences and take the time to start the journey of healing the wound that pulled the trigger. With the right understanding, acceptance and support anyone can heal from almost anything. To start, all we need is to be open to the idea that we can feel better, it’s possible. The peace we are all seeking is possible. The healing takes time but it’s possible. When we are triggered, when we have a reaction that does not feel good we can pause, we can get curious and we can get started. Trauma comes back as reactions not memories.

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