Time to Grit or Time to Quit

Sometimes we just need to put our heads down and get on with it. We need to just carry on and push through. Then there are times where we need to stop, reflect, let it go and actually walk away. How do we know what a challenge is vs. a waste of our energy? Experience. It’s learned through time we spend and time others have spent doing the same thing. When we are trying to achieve something, trying to get somewhere it is always helpful to get advice and direction from someone that’s been there. Tenacity is a skill that can be practised, keeping on with something even when not seeing results is challenging but possible. Staying the course without seeing the destination is part of the journey, you know where you are headed and just keep going. Then there are times on the path where we hit obstacles or obstructions. Some we can go over, go under or go around. Some we just have to go through. Knowing when we have to grit or quit that direction is the challenge. Some obstacles cannot be overcome, they then require a change in direction. Continuing attempts to overcome the obstruction start to waste our time. That’s when it’s time to quit. That’s when we need to change tact, change direction. Know when it is time to grit or time to quit.

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