Things That Are Healthy For You Sound More Straightforward Than They Are

The simple things are usually the healthy things. The simple and straightforward things aren’t always easy though. Drink more water, eat more nutritious food, meditate, exercise, sleep more. All sounds so simple and straightforward, yet most of us still struggle to do them. That’s the difficult bit. Knowing what to do, yet still not doing it. It’s a natural part of us, it’s a regular challenge for many or us some of the time. Prioritising what we ultimately want (to feel better, to get fitter, or whatever else) over what we want right not (to sit on the sofa and scroll) is an exercise in discipline. That discipline we all have is like any other muscle we have in our body. We all have it, but for that muscle to grow and develop it needs to be exercised. Want more discipline? Practice being more disciplined. Every time you prioritise what you ultimately want over what you want right now, the discipline mental muscle is worked and it grows. Things that are healthy for you sound more straightforward than they are.

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