There’s Always An Antidote

An antidote is something that counteracts an unpleasant feeling or situation. Whenever we are having an unpleasant feeling or experiencing an unpleasant situation there will always be an antidote for it if we look for it. The antidote may be feeling it and letting the feeling pass. It could be changing a situation or our perception of it. Some antidotes are instant, and some are more gradual and take time to come into effect. When we can make something less personal it is easier to treat and find the antidote to it. When we acknowledge and name what we are feeling and experiencing we can work to release it and let it go, that is an antidote in itself. When we are struggling with something, considering the situation as something requiring an antidote can be helpful in thinking of a solution or creating a different perception of it. There’s always an antidote.

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