There Isn’t An Easy Way To Do Hard Things, Stop Looking For A Shortcut

Looking for shortcuts just wastes our time. Some tasks, people scenarios and circumstances in life are difficult. When presented with them we have a choice, learn to deal with them, do the work and get through it. Or, look for a shortcut, a way to avoid, minimise, ignore or deny them. Far more times than not, the shortcut we are looking for does not exist. We spend a lot of time and energy looking for one, but we won’t find it. There isn’t an easy way to do hard things. The more we attempt harder things, the easier or less daunting they can become. Most times, we just need to get on with it. Be patient, practice. The work is still sitting there and may have even got more complex or difficult in the time we were looking for a way to avoid or lessen it: the shortcut. Hard things often take time and effort to do. You can do it. There isn’t an easy way to do hard things, stop looking for an shortcut.

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