There Is No Place The Light Cannot Reach

Light permeates everywhere. All it takes is the most minute gap, crack or space. The largest, darkest and most cavernous of spaces can be transformed with the smallest amount of light. When we are in a dark place, when we feel like we are trapped in the black all we need is the smallest amount of openness. Openness to the possibility of a little bit of light. That little bit of light, the light that can get anywhere can help us see the way forward and the way out. It can help us see we are not alone, it can help us see a way to let even more light in. That little bit of light, it can change everything. Light comes in many forms and for those of us that feel trapped in a the darkest space; If we are open to letting someone else help us with some light, our world can and will change. Reach out. Ask for help. Share your story. In person, on the phone, online. It maybe to someone you know, it may be to someone you don’t. We can all give light to those in darkness. There is no place the light cannot reach.

#light #dark #help #depression #hope #openness

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