There Is A Solution To That Unsolvable Problem

Sometimes the solution to some problems is accepting there is no solution. We often feel like we need an answer, a solution a response or a reply. We sometimes feel we deserve a justification, an explanation, an understanding. Sometimes there just isn’t an answer to the question or the problem. It doesn’t exist. An any potential answers or solutions won’t change our problem, situation, outcome or state of mind. When we start to become open to this possibility, the possibility of being ok with not having the answers or solutions we think we need and deserve, life gets better. That’s also the point of acceptance where we can let something go and move on with our lives. Fear is the inability to embrace the uncertain. When we learn (through practice) to start to embrace the uncertain in our lives, we become less fearful. When we have less fear we make more space for other move loving emotions. Uncertainty is an inevitable part of the human experience and we can either live in fear or it or in acceptance of it. It takes practice, it takes effort but it is possible. The is a solution to an unsolvable problem.

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