The Secret Of Attraction

If we want to attract anything in life we need to start with something that is simple but not necessarily easy. We need to learn to and practice loving ourselves. Our whole selves. All of us, our perceived flaws, our qualities, attributes and traits. Loving is a process. It can start with what we like, start with what we are proud of. Understanding there are things we cannot change and without them we wouldn’t be us. Ask for help, ask for guidance. This help and guidance will be found outside of ourselves. We are enough, we are perfect in our imperfection. We look in mirrors multiple times a day. We tend to zero in on particular things. If those things happen to be something we are judging, not enjoying or wanting to be different we can practice focussing elsewhere whilst the acceptance of those parts begins. We don’t even need to look at physical attributes. We can look at and think about our non-physical attributes. When we start to see our achievements, our progress, our knowledge, our ideas and our service, loving ourselves gets easier. We are more than just a body, altering that focus, having that shift in perspective over time changes our view of ourselves in a positive, helpful and healthy way. I don’t have all the answers on how to love yourself, it’s something I’m still working on. It’s a priority for me everyday, it’s important to me, it’s important to my life, it’s a focus, it's a dream, it’s a goal. The secret of attraction is to love yourself.

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