The Little Voice In You Always Knows What Way To Go

Our life is always talking to us, we just don’t always listen to it or are able to hear it. Our instincts and intuition gets stronger when we learnt o feel more. If we have spent times of our lives suppressing, denying, ignoring or numbing (through substances or behaviours) our feelings, we have been doing the same to our instincts and our intuition. When we start to accept our feelings without judgement, feel how we feel and let the feelings pass our intuition and our instincts get louder, more obvious, less clouded and more clear. We have two sides of how we understand and accept. We can think some thing and we can feel something. When we can make decisions using how we feel and how we think our decisions get better and more aligned. It takes some awareness, some acceptance, some patience and some practice but it is possible. When you think you know the answer take a minute and feel the answer. When you feel you know the answer take a minute and think the answer. The little voice in you always knows what way to go.

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