The Kindest Thing You Can Do For Another Person Is To Listen Without Forming An Opinion

Everyone wants to be seen, everyone wants to be heard, everyone wants to be understood. To really listen to someone, to really hear them you need to listen to what is being said without forming an opinion, without creating a response, without letting your mind wonder. This is a skill and takes a lot of practice. When someone you are listening to stops talking ask a question about what they have said, don’t launch in with a reply or point of view, even if you are asked for one. When they answer your question and you have listened, ask some more. Really take the time to listen to everything they have to say, then ask some more again. When you can do this, without forming an opinion you go from listening to a person to really hearing them. Often times people don’t need an opinion, they just need someone to listen. Be that person.

#hear #listen #itsaskill

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