The Hardest Battle: Between What You Know & What You Feel

Sometimes we have an internal battle. We are conflicted. We are out of sync. We just don’t feel in flow. When we have a discrepancy between both sides of our minds, life is challenging. We are driven through feeling and thinking. When we learnt to use both sides of our minds equally, we are in flow, we move forward with confidence. Feeling something is right or wrong for us as well as thinking something is right or wrong for us, when aligned makes decisions simple. The hardest battle we have is when we feel something and think something differently. Learning to feel equally, when you have always been more of a thinker or learning to think equally when you have always been a feeler is an important part of our inner work. It takes practice especially when we may have spent a huge proportion of our lives not feeling (through numbing, supressing, ignoring or denying our emotions) or when we have spent long periods not thinking things through, not reflecting or evaluating or weighing up risks or benefits. We may always have a definite preference or strength in the way we guide ourselves, either way the hardest battle is between what you know and what you feel.

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