The Goal Is To Win, Not Look Like You Are Winning.

In a social media world, it is easy to look around and see other people ‘winning’. This filtered life of artificial perfection and sanitised happiness projected into the world can often make us feel like we are less than; That we aren’t winning in the same way as what we are being shown. Our goals, our successes and our achievements are all personal to us. If we decide to share the results and progress publicly, that’s also a personal choice. What we see in the media is a version of what is happening, the version that has been curated for us to see. The natural comparisons we make with others tend to conflict us more that encourage us, they are often not helpful. The only worthwhile comparison is to compare ourselves to yesterday, to last month or to last year. How far have we come? What have we learned? What have we achieved? We know that is a true real life, non-artificial comparison. Growth, development and progress are all wins, when we achieve these things we are winning. The goal is to win, not look like you are winning.

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