The Core Of Anxiety Is…

The deepest fear of all anxiety is ‘What if I can’t cope with this?’ As this is a fear with absolutely zero evidence to back it up, it can be intellectually challenged in your mind. Everything, absolutely everything in your life you have coped with and survived. You have literally lived through everything. You coped, you can cope and you will cope. We are resilient, you are resilient. No matter what we think can happen, no matter how bad with think it could be, we will get through it, even if we can’t see how. Feelings of anxiety are part of the human experience, they are linked to the future and are a fear based emotion where we are concerned about what may or may not happen. Whatever will happen will happen. It’s ok to feel anxious, feel it. Know that sometimes our inability to embrace the uncertain is uncomfortable, but it does pass. The core of anxiety is the thought that we won’t cope with what will happen. We will. We always have.

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