Take Out The Toxic People

Unfortunately at times we can be exposed to toxic people much like the pollution in the environment around us. Toxic people are not good for our health. Just because someone is related to us, or we work with them doesn’t make it a requirement to take on the toxicity they express. We can love someone and still chose to limit our time spent or not have them in our lives. Toxic people are often hypocritical, they can’t take criticism, they always have to win, they aren’t honest, they love drama, they act entitled and can be jealous. Toxic people can be different, they are not all the same. They can be a drain: They make us feel tense, they put us down for no reason, they can’t be happy for other people’s success. They can be fake: Gives fake compliments, lacks empathy, puts us in uncomfortable positions. They can be a pessimist: Talks down to us to make themselves feel better, only really cares about themselves, tries to talk us out of dreams or goals. They can be a critic: Doesn’t support us in decisions, criticises everything, makes us feel like we can’t do anything right. They can be a manipulator: Tries to control everything, pretends to like us and other people, wants to make every decision for themselves and others. They can play the victim: blames others for their misfortune, constantly seeks attention from others, talks mostly about their excuses for failing or not trying.

When we recognise the toxicity in others we are able to respond appropriately and remove ourselves from the interaction or conversation. What we think is more important that what they think. Some people are good people but they are just not good for us. Take our toxic people.

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