Stop Searching For The Right Person & Become The Right Person

We can spend years looking for someone to complete us, make us happy, remove the loneliness and be our other half. If found, that completion and that happiness can be lost as quickly as it is found. When we become the right person we no longer feel the need of that in others, we see them as a compliment to our lives not the completion of it. It is up to us to become happy. It is up to us to become whole. It is up to us to be ok with being alone. It’s not an easy process but it is a necessary one. We haven’t all grown up in an environment where we felt like we were enough or had unconditional love. It’s up to us as adults to take responsibility to heal ourselves, and do the work to feel worthy, to be worthy of deserving, giving and receiving love without conditions. Focus on you, not anyone else. The more we focus on ourselves, the more energy we give the process the faster the results come. It’s up to us to work on us. Stop searching for the right person and become the right person.

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