Stop Looking For Happiness In The Same Place You Thought You Lost It

Situations, events and circumstances can effect us deeply. Things can happen that can change our lives and our feelings in an instant or over time. Reflecting and wanting or longing for a situation or circumstance to go back to how it was to make us feel better is natural, but it isn’t helpful. It isn’t helpful because it’s not possible. Situations change, people change, life changes. It is constantly evolving and relying on factors outside of ourselves for our own feelings of happiness will only lead to us feeling unhappy a lot of the time. Happiness comes from within, not from others. People and circumstance can enhance how we feel, but the core of it needs to come from us. You are the only constant in your life. Fostering our own positive feelings and developing our own mental fitness is what will help us whether any storms in our futures. Life isn’t always easy, the challenges and difficulties we face are part of the human experience, it is how we cope with these challenges and difficulties that drives our quality of life and how we feel about it and how we feel about ourselves. Our own happiness isn’t truly created from other people, other situations or other circumstances, it’s created from ourselves. Stop looking for happiness in the same place you thought you lost it.

#happiness #comesfromwithin #wehaventlostit

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