Squash The Little Niggles

You know those little anxious thoughts we get? The little worries? The little ‘what ifs’? When we sense them, when we think them, we need to get them out and down on paper. If we leave them inside our minds they will grow, we may end up in a loop and the little anxious thoughts become a full-on anxiety party in the mind. Write down every single niggle, leave a couple of lines and write the next one. Journals are great for this. Once every little worry is on the paper go back and challenge each one. Is it factual? Am I making this up? Even if it is or becomes true, what can I do about it? Write out the solutions or even just ‘I’ll deal with it them, I can handle it’ It all seems a bit too simple and a little time consuming, but it can work. The time and suffering saved from not letting these niggles fester is much more than the time we spend expressing how we feel and what we can do. Action can be an antidote to anxious thoughts, it helps. Nothing is ever quite as bad as we anticipate. We can do it, you can do it. Squash the little niggles.

#anxiety #journaling #managingstress #writeitdown #squashthelittleniggles

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