Someone’s Effort Is A Reflection Of Their Interest

When getting to know someone, when establishing a relationship of any sort effort is required. Asking questions, listening to answers, empathising, understanding, building mutual respect and trust. We can either choose to put in a lot of effort, or very little. Generally when we are more interested in a person, we put in more effort. Similarly when someone else is more interested in us, they put in more effort to continue to get to know us. They will initiate conversations and plans, we won’t be confused about their interest level, it will be clear. When we do feel confused and feel that the effort isn’t at least reciprocal we really know why. It’s a hard thing to accept sometimes, we like to think someone is just shy or unsure or some other reason to not express interest or attention. What we need to remember is it’s not personal. It’s just that person. We are not very interested in everyone we meet, it’s a just a preference. We can always be kind, we can always be friendly it doesn’t mean we can always be interested. The same situation and circumstances are applied to anyone meeting us. If someone is interested in you, you will know. If they are not interested, you will be confused. Someone’s effort is a reflection of their interest.

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