Some Relationships Only Last Because We Put Ourselves Last

In life we have many relationships in love, in work in friends and in family. Some relationships are meant to be short, others much longer. Some relationships serve us, many can deplete us. Sometimes we stay engaging in a relationship through obligation, rather than inspiration. We think we should as opposed to knowing we shouldn’t. Many relationships only last because we put ourselves last. Just because we are related to someone or have known someone a long time doesn’t mean the relationship needs to be forever. Some people are just not our people. We are responsible for our own lives and potential to be happy, no one can live our lives for us. Putting others ahead of ourselves creates significant amounts of weight to bare as we continue on our paths. Putting someone else’s needs ahead of your own does not count as love. Love is unconditional. Yes we have responsibilities, yes we have dependants to care for, but when we do not care for ourselves first, everyone will eventually suffer. We cannot pour from an empty cup. Think about all of the relationships in your life, which relationships are radiators, and which relationships are drains? Some relationships only last because we put ourselves last.

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