Selfcare: Make these 15 Principles Into A Daily Practice

1. Hydration – Drink 3+ litres of water each day

2. Movement – Walk 10k+ steps each day

3. Nutritional/Fuel – Eat more whole foods & plants

4. Gratitude – Record 5+ things you are grateful for

5. Self-Talk – Turn your inner critic into an inner coach

6. Stretching – Stretch your body

7. Mental Fuel – Reduce your exposure to negativity

8. Mindfulness – Deep breathing, meditation and/or time in nature

9. Exercise – Get Sweaty with some weights or resistance training

10. Manage Stress – Do something that makes you feel good

11. Journal – Write down thoughts, feelings & actions

12. Sleep & Rest – Prioritise Sleep routine and rest time

13. Creativity – Create something and/or play

14. Be Brave – Do something that you’re afraid of

15. Develop Skills – Actively practise new mental or physical skill(s)

Self care isn’t selfish, it’s essential. The more self care we do, the easier it is to manage challenging times in life. Self-care needs to be a daily practice, not a crisis management strategy. It also isn't an escape, we need to make it a habit. We could honor the commitment to do these things for ourselves like we would any other appointment. If we get off track, just be compassionate, we can forgive ourself, get back on track and try again. When we don’t love ourselves, we mistreat ourselves with unhealthy food, stimulants and stress. Being aware of the importance of self care practising stands us in good stead for preventing mental and physical illness. Everything is important until we are sick. Then we realise there was only ever one thing that was important, our health.

Even when we know this, we still borrow from the bank of health, take on loans of stress and sleepless nights to pay for some things that don’t matter. When we invest in self-care, we Invest in our minds, our bodies, our health and ourselves.

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