Self Sufficiency Isn’t Sufficient

In some ways we have been taught that we need to be able to ‘stand on our own two feet’ and that we can and should be able to do things on our own. Sometimes then when we can't, we would be considered or feel 'needy' or 'weak'. To a certain extent this is true, however we also need to be able to ask for help when we need it and accept help when it is offered to us. There is strength in asking for help, there is strength in accepting help when it is offered to us. We develop mental strength when you can trust ourselves enough to allow people to see us, help and support us when we have been used it doing it alone. When we have been let down by others, disappointed or hurt, we can withdraw. We can become more insular, more independent, relying only on ourselves in some or many aspects of our of lives. Whilst it is healthy to be able to spend time alone and make our own decisions, we are by nature a social species. We may think we can do all things alone, we rarely can. We do need the support of loved ones to help us through the challenges and to be happy for us when we succeed. We also need the help and guidance of mentors and experts in areas of our lives that are new to us or that we find challenging. Sometimes all the help we need is for someone to listen to us without giving an opinion. Whatever it is we need or think we don’t need there’s no shame in asking for it. Self-sufficiency isn’t sufficient.

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