Self-Doubt: Join The Club

No matter how much we learn and how much we grow, we will all experience self-doubt from time to time. Its very much part of the human experience, it’s normal. We can choose to indulge it or we can choose to interrupt it. When we feel doubtful about ourselves, or skills or abilities we can choose to get curious. We can reflect and review what exactly is triggering us? Where is this coming from? What is this really about? Journaling helps us untangle our thoughts and clarify our minds. When we understand where the thoughts are coming from, we can do something about them. We can challenge and interrupt our unhelpful or unhealthy thoughts. Self doubt is something we can experience and let go, it doesn’t have to be a place where we unpack and stay.

#selfdoubt #itsnatural #dontunpackandlivethere

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