Self-Care Principle 7: Mental Fuel

Our mind is a muscle, we need to work our minds to improve our mental health and fitness. We have a tendency to fill our minds with unhelpful and unhealthy stimulation rather than helpful and healthy knowledge. We are learning all the time, whether we want to or not. So what we allow to enter our minds matters. The mind is a muscle, it needs more stimulating conversation, its needs to read more, it needs thinking, number and word games. It needs learning, reading, observation and listening. Building knowledge in anything is possible with enough practice.

Our environment is important. What music we choose to listen to, what books we choose to read, what subjects we choose to research on the internet, the type of TV programming we choose to watch, what type of energy the people around us express, how our social media makes us feel. Reducing our news consumption, having a regular social media hiatuses and daily breaks, having more phone free time, reading more, and listening more (to people, podcasts and upbeat music) are all helpful ways to manage our mental fuel intake and make sure it is as healthy as it can be.

We need to find things that make us forget to check our phones and computers. Or we could just consciously put them down for regular breaks, turn of notifications, use airplane mode, whatever you prefer and what suits you. It is a challenging thing to do if it is something you haven’t done before. Having breaks from our phones can reduce anxiety, it is an easy way to make yourself feel better.

Why we should reduce our screen time: Overstimulation of our brains leading to lack of focus, decision fatigue and inability to remember things; Screen time disturbs our sleep creates a reduction of natural production of melatonin; It lowers our ability to process non-verbal cues; It increases our sedentary time, affecting our physical fitness productivity and can create lower relationship satisfaction with our loved ones.

Being aware of what you consume mentally is as important as what you consume physically. We wouldn’t remain physically healthy if we consumed junk food in excess, much as we will not remain mentally healthy if we consume mental junk food in excess.

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