Self-Care Principle 6: Stretching

Imagine the feeling when you stretch when you wake up and how good it feels. We can experience that for all of our body, it can be beautiful experience and a great way to feel better quickly. Stretching is a helpful step into mindfulness. Stretching is not only good for our body it is good for our mind. When we are focussing on our stretching (holding for 30 seconds and breathing through it) it is a good way to start to clear our mind and focus on being present. We can do static stretches, it can be yoga, it can be anything you enjoy, it can be for 5 minutes or it could be for 30 minutes. The older we become the more helpful it becomes for flexibility and our body movement fitness. It is easier the earlier we start and will help us prevent physical injuries in our daily lives. Whether it is yoga, using some apps to guide us, or just some basic full body stretches do whatever works for you, do what feels good for you. Whatever you enjoy you are more likely to adhere to daily. It takes practice, allow yourself time to be a beginner. Over time you will become more flexible, you will feel more relaxed. Stretching not only gives instant release, it has excellent cumulative wellbeing benefits over time.

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