Self-Care Principle 15: Develop Skills

We all have skills we can develop, either physical or mental skills. Our triggers are our teachers, they tell us what we need to learn, what we need to practice and how we can develop. If something bothers us, it’s an opportunity to grow. When we feel defensive, upset, bothered, annoyed, frustrated or hurt there will be a skill we can develop to help us get better, feel better and be better. Anger might show us we need to work on our ability to let go of things out of our control. Fear might show us we need to work on our ability to embrace the uncertain.

Why do we need to practice any skill? It is because we either want to master it or maintain it. When we don’t practice something we won’t progress, we may even regress. We get better when we practice every day and look for the opportunities to do so. If you feel impatient, look for opportunities to practice patience. If you want to become more compassionate, look for opportunities to practice being more compassionate. If you want to improve your connection with others, look for opportunities to practice connection with people. Journaling is helpful, we can still practice and learn from experiences we miss in the moment. We can reflect re-write and re-enact in our minds what we could have done and still take the learning from it. A little bit of effort every day adds up to a lot of learning and change over time.

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