Self-Care Isn’t A Cure Or A Crisis Management Strategy

Do you remember the last time you were highly anxious? Do you remember the last time you felt overwhelmed? Do you remember the last time you felt incredible stress? Whilst we can’t prevent certain situations and circumstances in life from occurring, we can prevent some of our reactions to them. Prevention is always preferable to cure. Self-care helps us prevent our uncomfortable reactions. It helps us be prepared, it supports our abilities to cope in a healthy way. Self-care can assist us when these times come and can even sometimes prevent us from reacting at all. Much of our self-care has cumulative benefits to our wellbeing, health and fitness. The benefits for many principles are not instant. So that being said, turning to self-care for a cure, or when in crisis whilst a positive step, will not solve the problem or avert the crisis. Self-care is small steps and little by little, building a lot of our mental and physical fitness so that we are ready for the challenges of the future not the challenges of the present. Self-care isn’t a cure or a crisis management strategy.

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