Rushing Your Healing Won’t Make It Happen Faster

Self-development is about learning, it’s about unlearning and it’s about healing. When we understand that our triggers are just unhealed wounds we can get curious and start to work on the understanding, the acceptance and the healing itself. It I useful to also understand that healing is much more of a journey rather than an destination. Do we ever stop learning? Do we ever stop unlearning? Do we ever stop healing? I’m not sure. Rushing our healing won’t make it happen faster. Much as like anything else worthwhile in life ans the human experience it takes time. It takes an open mind, it takes the willingness to understand and accept, the willingness to feel and the patience to process and eventually let go. Mental wounds rarely can be healed quickly, it depends on how deep and how long they have remained untreated. Much like physical wounds. Patience, persistence and compassion for ourselves make the journey a little less frustrating. Please be brave enough to talk about your challenges and struggles. It takes courage to ask for help as this is a journey that can rarely travelled completely alone. Be patient with yourself, healing takes time. Rushing your healing won’t make it happen faster.

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