Rhythm & Routine

One of the best ways to develop healthy habits is to work to a routine. Doing things at the same time each day or in an order of action helps build unconscious habits. We all brush our teeth before we go to bed we don’t even think about it. It is part of our rhythm and routine. Whether it is drinking water when we wake, meditating at 8am or walking during every lunch hour, whatever principle we want to make a daily practice can be built into any routine. We sleep best when we have a regular sleep and wake time, regardless of the day of the week. We manage our energy best from food when we eat regularly at the same times each day, we stay hydrated the best when we have regular water intake. When actions become habit, habit becomes discipline and we continue to do them even when we don’t really think about it or want to. That is how discipline is cultivated and when we begin to see and feel results. Whether you stick to times or to task order, everyone is different, do what works for you. Habits deliver results through rhythm and routine.

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