Projection Isn’t Personal, It’s How Some People Cope

We sometimes cannot help but take things personally. A reaction, a comment or a behaviour directed at us feels personal. Anything directed towards us is a projection of where it is coming from, it's not about us.. The reactions, comments or behaviours can be kind, considerate and loving or unkind, inconsiderate and hurtful. People project to cope with how they feel. When they feel pain, hurt or discomfort they project it onto other people, we have all done it too, countless times. Whatever comes from anyone else is what they are feeling inside, it’s a projection. When we do not have the experience, skills or awareness of managing and feeling our uncomfortable feelings and emotions we discharge them onto others. We blame, we complain, we over explain. We attack, we belittle, we judge and we mock. When we understand this, we can start to see it in ourselves and others it helps it become less personal, it’s just a way some people cope. It doesn’t make it right, it doesn’t make it ok, but it does explain it and help us to respond rather that react. Projection isn’t personal, it’s how some people cope.

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