Procrastination Is The Thief Of Time & Happiness

There’s always a reason not to start something or not to do something…

‘I’ll start on Monday’ ‘I can’t do that this weekend because I’m going out’ ‘I’ll wait till after Christmas’ ‘Maybe tomorrow’

There is never a good time to start anything and you will never be 100% ready. Putting things off or delaying something you want, but for whatever reason you are reluctant or scared to do, is like taking something from your future self. A lot of achievements take time and they take effort. The time to achieve is shorter if you start today, if you start now. The journey starts with that decision to set off. You will never get there if you will always plan to start tomorrow, because tomorrow never comes. Whatever it is you are putting off, it is never quite as scary or a hard as you think it will be and if it is, you will figure it out. Make a start, make it happen, do it now.

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