Prevention Is Always Better Than A Cure

We are always looking for a quick fix, the antidote to illness and to our problems. We take the vitamin C after we get the cold, we drink the water when we are hungover, we put the aftersun on the sunburnt skin. We often look to treat the symptoms instead of the cause. We wait until we are unwell to get well, we look for the horse after it has bolted.

Our health, both physical and mental can and needs to be developed though prioritising our personal fitness. The only way to prevent illness is to actively prioritise mental and physical health and exercise and the mental and physical fuel we consume. Selfcare is the start. Prioritising our minds and bodies and their health is the prevention, which is always better than a cure. Without our health, everything else in our lives suffers, we suffer. Feeling and being well cannot be bought, health is the only real wealth yet we tend to sacrifice it for material wealth. When it is not our priority we significantly increase our chances of becoming unwell and when we do get unwell it takes longer to recover. Prioritise your mental and physical health. Prevention is always better than a cure.

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