Positive People Still Have Negative Thoughts, They Just Don’t Let Them Control Them

We all have thoughts, positive ones, negative ones and neutral ones. Even the most positive people have neutral thoughts and negative ones. Just as generally negative people can have positive thoughts. Your self-talk defines the thoughts you have. Self-talk is the voice inside your head that celebrates you or berates you. It’s the voice that can say the same thing with a different tone, the tone being what your mood is.

For example: You can choose to be irritated that it is raining, or excited it’s raining, or not affected by the rain. If your self-talk is more of an inner critic, your thoughts will generally be more negative, if your self-talk is more of an inner coach or inner ally, your thoughts will generally be more positive. You can change that voice to be what you want it to be, it’s your voice, but it takes time and it takes practice. The negative thoughts will still come, they are part of the human experience; You just don’t need to listen to them or let them control what you do. Actively correct the negative thought in your mind and re-phrase it. Believe that thoughts are not facts, they are just thoughts. The thoughts in your head are a narrative, you are the narrator. Change the narrative so that you are not a victim in any situation, it takes some time, some thought and some practice, but eventually it works. You can control your thoughts and you can control your narrative. Don’t let that voice control you.

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