Perfection Is Just Fear

When we are scared to show who we really are or what we have really done we get trapped in the loop of achievement of perfection. If I just looked a certain way, acted in a certain way, produced this work in a certain way it’d be perfect… then I couldn’t be criticised, I couldn’t be hurt, I will be loved, I will be appreciated, I will be revered. If it was perfect, if I am perfect. Unfortunately, perfection isn’t real, it’s our internal fear of the uncertain. We torture ourselves with perfection, we keep ourselves small with perfection, we procrastinate with perfection, we can’t grow with perfection. No one is perfect. Nothing is perfect. What we are striving for is impossible, that huge expectation can only lead to huge disappointment. We can display what we perceive as perfection and still not connect or be rejected in the same way as if we were authentically and unapologetically imperfect, we could still not connect or be rejected. Both are as equally likely, but one way we were true and one way we were false Perfection is a habit, it’s a go to. It is a habit that can be broken. Nothing is more freeing that letting it go, showing up as who you are. Getting stuff completed instead of never being able to because it ‘isn’t quite right’ or it isn’t perfect is achievement, it is success. Good enough and done is better than perfect and pending. The better we are displaying our imperfections the better our life becomes.

Here’s a secret, you know they little imperfections you see as big imperfections? Some people don’t even notice them, or care. We cannot see what other people see. Perfection is just fear. Fear is the inability to accept the uncertain. Get better at accepting the uncertain and being ok with it. It’s possible, it’s freeing, it’s the road to happiness.

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