People Who Can, Do. People Who Can’t, Criticise.

Some of us have has some more experiences, some of us have learned some different things, some of us have practiced some skills some more. So we are able to do some things that sometimes others are not yet able to do. When you can do something, and someone else is not yet able they are much more likely to criticise than reflect on their own lack of current ability. It’s not personal, even when it feels personal. It is just projection. We have all likely done that, mocked an achievement, critiqued a performance, assumed we could do or would do better. Comparison does this to us. We can’t seem to help it. When someone is doing it is because they can. When we are criticising it is likely because we can’t. The can’t may be a lack of ability, a lack of personal consistency, effort or just a lack of motivation. Criticism comes from lack, a can’t. Action comes from abundance, a can.

People who can, do. People who can’t, criticise.

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