Own Your Sh*t, Take Responsibility For Your Life

There may be reasons why we are where we are, some of us have had more opportunities, more conscious parents, more privilege, more help. Once we are adults our life is then up to us, no matter what has happened prior to that. We can be hurt, we can need healing but only we can do that work. We may not have the self-worth, self-esteem or self-confidence that others have, we may not have the mental or physical skills, health or fitness that others have. Regardless of all the challenge we have faced and do face, no one can tackle on for us. No one can change us, only we can change ourselves. There maybe reasons why we are where we are, but whilst we make those reasons excuses, we will never change, we will never develop and we will never grow. We all have work to do, we all have lessons to learn. Only we can do the work and learn the lessons. It’s time to get on with it, it’s time to start to feel better, get better and be better. It’s time to own our sh*t and take responsibility for our lives.

#ownyourshit #takeresponsibility #nomoreexcuses

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