Overthinking Is Obsession

Some of us are over thinkers, we get caught in loops and seem to not be able to get out of them. We catastrophise, we elaborate, we go over and over and over everything again and again and again. It is a mentally exhausting unhealthy habit. For every minute we spend obsessing about how the future could go wrong, we could spend that exact amount of time imagining all the ways it could go spectacularly, life-changingly right. Both options are possible, if we allow that possibility to be. We like to assume the negative to prevent potential disappointment and discomfort, so we create immediate discomfort as a way of coping for the future. We create more of our own suffering.

How we can reduce or remove overthinking: We can plan a specific time to think about it

We can put a time limit on it and not allow over thinking to continue endlessly. We can distract ourselves, that’s ok. We can firmly tell ourselves to stop thinking about it. We can write it down, journaling is an incredible tool for clarifying thought and getting it out of our minds. We can limit our choices, fewer choices make deciding action easier. We can let go of perfection and strive for good enough rather that perfect. We can embrace our mistakes, mistakes and disagreements are part of the growth process. We can also choose to stay present focused and not spend time in ‘what if’ land. Overthinking is also generally a sign that we need to take some action. Acknowledgement that we are overthinking helps us. When we know we are about to go into, or are in a loop and are obsessing we are then able to accept it and do something about it. Overthinking is obsession.

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