Our Mind(full)ness

We wouldn’t be able to run on a treadmill every waking minute of the day without stopping yet we expect our minds can do exactly that. We are constantly stimulated, taking in new information, sounds and experiences. We don't stop. Our minds are full and we keep cramming more into them without much chance or time for rest. Our world is smartphones and high speed. It is notifications and non-stop. When the body doesn’t rest it starts to fail, we get injured and we get sick. The same thing happens or will happen to our minds. Being mindful, that our minds are full and taking the time every day to give our minds the rest they need will help us prevent mental injury and illness. Whether it be meditating, quiet time, breathing exercises, stretching or time in nature. Whatever works for us to switch off and take a break; To rest the mind without interruption and without interference is a principle of selfcare we need to practice daily to develop our mental fitness and improve our mental health. Be aware of mind(full)ness

#bemindfulnotmindfull #mindsarefull #takeabreak

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