Not Everything Deserves Or Requires A Response

We sometimes feel the need to reply, to fill silence or to respond. Sometimes we feel we need to explain ourselves, our thoughts, feelings or words. When we do feel this way we can get curious, why do we feel the need to explain, reply or respond? Not everything deserves or requires a response. Sometimes no response is a response. When we do feel the need it can be from a lack within us. We are enough, our thoughts, feeling and words are enough, we don’t need to explain them and we don’t need to respond to everything. When we do respond or reply when it isn’t required it can be because we don’t want to be seen as or though of as a certain way. When our motivation is this, we are prioritising what someone else may potentially think over what we actually know about ourselves. It shows a gap or lack in our self-confidence. We know who we are, we know what type of person we are, we know what our intention is. That is enough. Not everything deserves or requires a response.

#youareenough #respondornot #stopandtakeaminute

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