Not Every Day Is A Good Day

It’s easy to believe that what we see is real, that everyone is living their best life everyday. Most of us most of the time pretend we are good, we feel great and have no problems or challenges. Not every day is a good day. We don’t always feel good, we don’t always have no problems or challenges. Sometimes we feel pressure to feel good which ironically is what can cause us to not feel good. Sometimes we just have a day that is ‘meh’. Knowing that it happens, knowing that it is usual, knowing that it will pass, is helpful and healthy. We won’t always be going 100 miles an hour or able to give 100%, that is both unrealistic and unhealthy. Give yourself a break. Pretending we are ok takes even more of our energy. It’s ok to not be ok and it’s even more ok to talk and share about why we are not ok. The more we talk and the more we share the more we realise that we are not alone in how we feel. That is often what makes us feel better. Be open about it, not every day is a good day.

#noteverydayisagoodday #itsoktonotbeok #talkaboutit

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