Nobody Treats You Better Than Someone You’re Not Interested In

It’s an unfortunate part of life that we will be interested in people and yet they are not interested in us. Or some people will be interested in us, yet we are not interested in them. We want people to like us, we want people to be interested in us, we want to be attractive to others, we want to be wanted. Giving someone else more of what they don’t already appreciate won’t change anything. Similarly, we are unlikely to be treated better by someone we are not interested in. They will go out of their way for us, they will be considerate and thoughtful and available and helpful. Because they are interested in us.

When effort is reciprocal, when feelings are matched then relationships progress. When we don’t feel the same as someone else, it’s helpful and appropriate to make that clear as we would appreciate the same. Sometimes some of us don’t have the emotional maturity to be this honest and open, it takes practice. When we waste someone’s time, it is a form od disrespect. Until then notice, nobody treats you better than someone you are not interested in.

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