No Response Is a Response

We sometimes don’t get the communication we deserve, we want or think we need. It might be from a call, a text, a meeting, an interview even just in conversation. If someone wants to communicate, they will. We will spend much of our time disappointed if we expect others to communicate the same way or with the same courtesy we would. Someone else’s behaviour is about them, it’s not about us. It’s often not personal, it’s more about priorities. More often than not we are not someone else’s priority, they are their priority. This is as much as we are more often than not out own priority, others rarely are. We might consider it appropriate, or good manners to reply or respond so we feel it is inappropriate and bad manners when someone doesn’t reply or respond. It is neither appropriate nor inappropriate it is neither good or bad. It’s just different. Different expectations, different priorities, different perspectives, different people. We can also choose to chase or to let go. We can follow up for a response, we can ask for an answer. Or we can accept that no response is a response.

#noresponseisaresponse #letitgo #expectationsleadtodisappointments

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