No One Is Perfect, No One Needs To Be. You Just Need To Try

We can sometimes spend a lot of time perfecting something, or not even starting something because we don’t think we know how to; Or we don’t think we have everything we need to move forward. When we strive to do our best, we know we have done our best at that time with what we had available to us. When we consistently do our best, with what we have, other people notice. We can put in significant and sustained effort and still not achieve what we want to. With all of the effort sometimes somethings we are doing are still not how we want them to be, it’s still not perfect to us. Sometimes things work out, sometimes they don’t. Nothing and no one needs to be perfect, we just would like it to be. Trying, attempting, practicing. That’s what we can do; When we do the best we can that’s all we can ask of ourselves. If something doesn’t work, we can try again. Perfect and pending does not compare to good enough and done. Try, do your best and keep going. No one is perfect, no one needs to be. You just need to try.

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