No One Has It All Figured Out

We assume people know what they are doing. Especially ‘successful’ people. We think they have nailed it, we think they have got it. We read things and may think the author knows everything they are talking about. We hear things and may think the speaker knows everything they are talking about. They don’t, no one does. The most successful people have failed the most, they are just more skilled at getting back up again. Many successful people are just figuring it out as they go along, much as we are doing the same. No one knows what they are doing all of the time, no one has it all figured out. We use these as excuses and barriers to stop us starting or changing. We think we need to know more, we think we need to have knowledge or experience to do something. How can we gain knowledge and experience without actually doing it? Allow yourself time to be a beginner, no one starts of being excellent. Even when we are no longer a beginner we will be learning on the way, working it out as we go along. That is usual, it is commonplace, that’s the secret people don’t share enough. No one has it all figured out.

#nooneknows #juststartanyway #youllfigureitout

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