No Motivation? Show Up & Start Anyway… Mood Follows Action

If we never did anything we didn’t really feel like doing, we wouldn’t get a whole lot done. Once we start, we are usually good and the motivation comes. It’s the starting that is often the hurdle not the task itself. When we complete something or make progress in something our motivation grows to do more. Mood follows action. Doing something for 5 minutes is better than not doing it at all. Sitting there thinking about the reasons not to, then not doing it and thinking about what we should/shouldn’t have done afterwards? Maybe that all took more time than what we were putting off doing anyway. The voice in our minds, our self-talk will be saying: ‘I’m tired’ ‘not today’ ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ we can change that voice to say ‘I can do this’ ‘I’m going to start’ ‘I’m going to try’. It’s our choice. We decide what we want the voice to say to us. If we wait for the right mood, the achievement may never happen. Show up and start anyway, mood follows action.

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