Much Of Our Happiness Depends On How We Choose To Look At The World

Everyday we have choices to make. We can choose to wake up and think ‘I haven’t had enough sleep’ or we change the voice in our heads (our self-talk) and think ‘I’ve had enough sleep, I’m ok’. We can choose to look outside and think ‘Eurgh, it’s raining again’ or we can change the thought to be neutral about it, or even ‘amazing! It’s raining, how exciting!’ and mean it and feel it. We can choose to be frustrated by the amount of traffic on the road that morning or be pleased to have the opportunity to practice patience. We can choose to be irritated by the inconsiderate person at work or be pleased to have the opportunity to practise tolerance. We don’t always have to choose the less stressful choice to help ourselves, but the more we do the better our days get. When we don’t make the better choices we blame the other person or the situations for our feelings, which is how we discharge our discomfort. We then like to complain about what is happening or what has happened, which takes more energy and wastes it; Making us even more tired adding to the belief we didn’t get enough sleep that day to begin with. We can make different choices, it doesn’t always need to be the better choice for us, but when we do we feel a lot better. Much of our happiness depends on how we choose to look at the world.

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