Most Things That Are Easier Said Than Done Are Better Done Than Not Done

Stop worrying, is easier said than done. Get healthier, is easier said than done. Go achieve that dream, is easier said than done. Many of the things that are easier said than done, are better done than not done. We won’t always know how to, but when our 'why' is big enough, the 'how' works itself out. Sometimes when things feel hard, it’s not because they are hard, it’s because they are new to us. No one starts off being excellent, allow yourself to be a beginner. Achievement in a goal, a new skill or anything else requires effort. It requires practice and it requires opportunity and an expectation there will be failures along the way. When we fall, we get back up. The most successful people get back up and try again faster. The first step in anything, whether it is easier said than done, or not is making the decision to try to. Once we try, we start to learn, we continue to practice and we start to achieve. Most things that are easier said than done are better done than not done.

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