Mental Weight & Body Weight

We carry around a lot of weight, much of it necessary and some of it not. We know when we are physically overweight, we know what a healthy weight should be and whilst it is simple it isn’t easy to lose this weight. Simple being understanding we can eat less and burn more calories, the doing of which is not so easy. When we are mentally overweight no one can see that, when we are carrying around this excess baggage it can be as exhausting as physically carrying around excess baggage. We carry shame, guilt, anxiety, trauma, resistance, repetitive thoughts and more. Knowing what serves us and what depletes us is helpful. Being aware of what we are carrying can help us drop it in part or in its entirety. Shame lessens when we share it, guilt lessens when we acknowledge and accept it, anxiety lessens when we act on it, trauma lessens when we heal it, resistance lessens when we release it, repetitive thoughts lessen when we interrupt them. Through practice, support and the right help we can reduce or remove this weight. It is not something that can always be achieved alone, sometimes we need some expert help to support losing either mental weight and/or physical weight.

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