Mental Fitness Pillars: What We Can Cultivate…

Sleep & Rest: Cultivate this, make it a priority in your routine. This is self-care.

Learning Daily: Use your mind to learn new things, not just subjecting the mind to constant stimulation. This is self-care.

Being Quiet, silent reflection, meditation, mindfulness: Giving your mind a break, being present. This is self-care.

Creativity, Play, Purpose & Passion: Find an outlet for your creative energy, create whatever it is you love and gets you in flow and/or do something that serves others and that you are passionate about. This is self-care.

Connection: Connect with others in a way that is meaningful to you. Connection is an antidote to addiction.

Ability to manage stress, discomfort and adversity: managing stress is preventative measures and also crisis actions that help you calm. Sit with it, breath, journal, talk, exercise, move, meditate, pray. This is self-care.

Boundaries: Be clear what is and is not ok with you. Keep you word, prioritise your own needs about the comfort of others. This is self-care.

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