Maybe The Way You See The Problem Is The Problem

Solving a problem sometimes comes from a change in perspective. Ask others for help, guidance, thoughts or beliefs. The answer is in them all. If we think we can always do it alone, we could be right, and if we are it will likely take longer. Our way cannot be the only way, it may be a better way than some, but there is likely a better than ours. Ask.

When a puzzle is challenging and we get stuck, turning it upside down or to the side is helpful. Much is the same with problems in life. We often just need to look at them from another point of view. We can only see things through our filter of past experiences, current skills and knowledge. The more we experience, the more we learn and understand the broader that filter becomes. We get getter at solving problems with the more problems we solve. Sometimes the solution is more obvious than we think. The problem might not even be a problem. Maybe the way you see the problem is the problem.

#problemsolving #perspective #haveanotherlook

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