Make Compassion A Passion

Compassion is a skill within us that needs development and practice. It is not pity, sympathy or empathy. Pity is acknowledgement ‘I see your suffering’. Sympathy is care ‘I care about your suffering. Empathy is feeling ‘I feel your suffering’ and compassion is movement ‘I am moved by and want to relieve your suffering’. We are only truly compassionate with others when we are compassionate with ourselves first. We are all the same. If we are not kind, loving and generous to others, we aren’t those things to ourselves. Compassion grows when we release judgement of others. We can remind ourselves that we are all the same, we are all human. Choose curiosity over judgement. We can be compassionate with all people. If we avoid people for the little mistakes they make, we will become alone. Judge less, be open and love a little bit more. Make compassion a passion.

#compassion #passion #iammovedbyyou

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